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Crafting3D bioluminescence

Exploring the crafting of 3D printed bioluminescent micro-architecture, matérialités futures course 2021, 4DTM, ENSAD

Crafting 3D bioluminescence

a 6-week project in collaboration with CITA, Royal Danish Academy, in the framework of the 2021 « matérialités futures » course, 4DTM, Ecole des Arts Décos

Building on the Imprimer la lumière research project, this course asks how architects and designers can work with bioluminescent micro-organism to develop biosourced materials informed by 3D printing for an architectural context. Bioluminescence is a chemical form of light produced by many marine organisms, some insects and mushrooms. While bioluminescent genes are used as markers in biology and medicine, recent experiments in the biodesign community have explored bioluminescence as an alternative to public and domestic lighting or as prospective garment finishing. By learning how to grow luminescent bacteria and investigating how they can be appropriated through 3D soft structures, primarily 3D printed, students questioned and explored both conceptually and materially how bioluminescent bacteria can be part of a strategy for a living architecture underpinned by 3D printing.

Students: Laura Bartier, Ines Bel Mokhtar, Maty Biayenda, Coraline Chancibot, Lisa Grand, Chloé Hercé, Alyssa Jos, Minji Koo, Julie Lagarde, Alexandra Lenartowicz, Eléonore Pierrard,  April Saint-James

Coordination: Aurélie Mosse

Teaching team: Tony Jouanneau, Aurélie Mosse, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Martin Tamke, Guro Tyse

Support: EUR ArTeC, Olivier Bienz, CITA

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