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Papierplume technology

Papier plume technology (2016 - 2018)

The Papier Plume technology is the result of Cardepar, a research project between 4 Grandes écoles belonging to Paris Sciences et Lettres University (PSL), led by Soft Matters, Ensadlab in collaboration with ESPCI, Chimie Paris Tech and les Mines Paris Tech, in the framework of a transversal programme of the University.

Innovation –   It lies in the responsible design of a bespoke material and its forming process from local paper waste. This new foam material made from up-cycled paper represents an alternative to foam core. The Papier plume supersedes the latter in terms of use value, environmental impact and openess. and be itself up-cycled several times. It has been the object of a patent submission, registered on the 31st of January 2018 under the following number FR 1800097.

Development – The Papier plume is now in a stage of maturation, in the perspective of its transfer as workshops for arts, design and architecture schools but also as applications in multiple sectors.  Feel free to contact us to discuss further perspectives around this technology.

Further results from the Today’s paper waste, tomorrow’s materials MA workshop.

Project leader: Jean-François Bassereau

Main researchers: Aurélie Mosse (ENSAD), Cécile Monteux (ESPCI), Olivier Jourdan, Mathieu Merlet-Briand

Funding: Initiative de Recherche Stratégique et Interdisciplinaire (IRIS), Paris Sciences et Lettres University

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