PhD student

Natalia Baudoin

Symbiotic « bricologies »

Natalia Baudoin , SACRe funded PhD prepared at Ensadlab, PSL University, (on-going) . Supervision: Jean-François Bassereau, Sophie Larger, Baptiste Venet.

Handicrafts, a vernacular practice in the countries of the Global South, constitute a real cultural heritage, in connection with the cosmologies of rural and poor communities. A large part of these artisans fail to meet the needs of their families, leading to cultural appropriation.

 Vernacular knowledge is not a marginal practice, neither from a social nor an economic point of view. On the contrary, it has a strong economic potential when combined with other practices such as design. Its deep relationship with cosmology is an important source of inspiration, provided it puts artisans, designers and engineers on an equal footing.

 My practice based research consists in questioning the fields of application of this indigenous craft knowledge to integrate them into our production system while respecting their culture and their cosmology. The creation of hybrid projects (ancestral manual practices – revised semi-industrial techniques) should make it possible to adapt this knowledge to a semi-industrial production apparatus.

 Finally, the imbalances among the multiple financial intermediaries should be taken into account if we wish to make these ancestral artisanal activities sustainable. Micro-investment is a major part of this possible revision of the forces at play in the development of new models of production and use.

Partnership – Project developed with SIDI (Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l’Investissement), represented by Estelle Marcoux.

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