PhD student

Natalia Baudoin

Converging Design: Symbiotic bricologies

Natalia Baudoin , SACRe funded PhD prepared at Ensadlab, PSL University, (on-going) . Supervision: Jean-François Bassereau, Sophie Larger, Baptiste Venet.

The bricology, analyzes the logics of artistic and design practices thus recognizing the part of métis, in the work of the contemporary creators. Symbiotic Bricologies is a design practice-based PhD thesis which is interested in how and why a design practice linked to the Jayu Kiwakirakisa (Bolivian salt craftsmanship) will reveal the cosmology inherent in this craftsmanship.

It hypothesizes that the collaboration between designers and artisans would create a complex network of social, religious, technical, economic and aesthetic data that would crystallize in the objects produced together and on an equal footing. The fruit of this exchange would perhaps be a generative intersection giving rise to a renewed culture of the object at the crossroads of art, science and craftsmanship, broadening in particular the technical chain of craftsmen as well as their economic power.

Indeed, the craftmanship of South America constitute a real cultural heritage linked to the cosmologies of the communities. Thus, their magical thinking is often found in the uses and ornamental codes of their handicrafts. In addition, salt artisans make salt objects for the tourist market of Salar de Uyuni. Their region being one of the poorest in the country, they are part of a technical chain that only gives them access to rudimentary tools.

In France, designers have the opportunity to manufacture technically complex objects and are often in contact with researchers in exact and experimental sciences which allow them to explore in depth the technical possibilities of manufacturing objects.

Consequently, it seems to me that it is through the work of co-creation that designers and craftsmen will initiate together that they will create objects that highlight both their magical thinking and technical power, while creating opportunities for economic development.

Partnership – Project developed with SIDI (Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l’Investissement), represented by Estelle Marcoux.

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