Sustainability inresearch and textile design education (2021)

Kathryn Walters, "Fluid surfaces", credits Kathryn Walters(left) Anna Saint Pierre, "Macules", picture credit: Rimasùu studio (right)

Sustainability in research and textile design education (2021)

is an event co-organised by Ecole des Arts Déco, the Swedish School of Textiles and the Institut Suédois on the 29th of Septembre from 18h30 till 20h30.

Building upon the friendship developed between École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, this event brings together students and professors from both environments to discuss the opportunities and challenges of sustainable textile design and its implications for textile education and future profession. Short presentations of cutting-edge Master and PhD projects from each institution will be the occasion to address key principles of sustainable textile design such as bio-based materials, zero-waste conception, upcycling, etc. The presentations will then lead to a reflection about the way textile education can empower a new generation of designers in transforming the way we conceive, develop and consume textiles as to shape more sustainable futures.

This event forms part of the Swedish Design Movement Paris organized at the Institut suédois all through September focusing on sustainable design, architecture, and fashion, with a programme of exhibitions, talks, workshops and more. Find out more:

All presentations and discussions will be in English.
Places are limited. Free admission upon registration from the 25th of September 2021:

18.30-19.30 Students’ Presentations

Presenters from Ecole des Arts Déco (ENSAD)

  • Anna Saint Pierre, PhD student –Rubble as heritage: matter of design research
  • Juri-Apollo Drews, pre-doctoral student –No cuts no seams: woven alternatives to cut-and-sewn
  • Lou Ramage, pre-doctoral student – Persistence: wear and tear as a creative opportunity for evolving textile design patterns
  • Lucie Maine, graduate 2021 – Filigranne: designing made in France lignocellulosic yarns
  • Capucine Stos, graduate 2021 – Revealing scrap

Presenters from the Swedish School of Textiles(SST)

  • Riikka Talman, phd student  –Changeability as a quality in textile design
  • Kathryn Walters, phd student – Weave thinking for smart textiles
  • Matilda Falk, MA student – Growth and Decay in Textiles: Exploration of changeability in textile design, through natural dyeing in relation to tricot forming
  • Pernille Madsen, MA student – Knitting Principles create form
  • Jessica Reijkers, MA student – Alinea : The beginning of a new train of thought, implementing (coloured) bioplastic into handwoven textile design.

19.30-20.30 Sustainability in the textile education: round-table looking on both environments


  • Aurélie Mosse, PhD, professor in textile design, co-head of the Soft Matters research group
  • Orsina Visconti, professor in textile design, responsible for the BA 2nd year
  • Isabelle Rodier-Clergue, professor in textile design, with natural dyes expertise


  • Delia Dumitrescu, PhD, professor textile design
  • Stefanie Malmgren de Oliviera, PhD, Program Director MA textiles and fashion design
  • Margareta Zetterblo, PhD, Program Director BA textiles design


  • Juri-Apollo Drews (pre-doctoral student, ENSAD)
  • Kathryn Walters (phd student, SST)

Venue: Institut Suédois, 11 rue Payenne, 75003 Paris

Programming: Delia Dumitrescu, Aurélie Mosse