PhD student


Fashion’s conservation in the XXIst century: studies and highlights of the Balenciaga house

Stéphanie Ovide, CIFRE funded PhD with Balenciaga, prepared at Ensadlab, PSL University. Supervision: Jean-François Bassereau, Aurélia Chevalier.

The 21st century fashion conservation field presents particular issues related to the evolution of the textile materials used in their manufacture and ornamentation, as well as its construction methods. The ageing process and alterations of these new materials are still little known and much remains to be explored. Also, new assembly and cutting processes for clothing, particularly laser, require innovative restoration methods. The scientific content of this thesis aims to identify and study the materials and techniques used in the creation of the collections of the Balenciaga house from 2001 onwards and to propose news protocols for the conservation of the collections.

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